Iraq serves as the major starting point for Al Hazaa Investment Group, which all began with a small flour mill established in the early 1940s. From this humble start Al Hazaa Group has grown to include multiple industries across the Middle East while maintaining growth and sustainability in Iraq. Al Hazaa Group continues to provide work and structure for Iraqi market.

Pasta & Noodles Production

Established in 1975 in Baghdad. The factory equipped with the latest equipments and four production lines from a pioneer Italian in Pasta production industry. It has a production capacity of 30 ton / day through its four production lines. It produces ...

Grain Milling, Grain Trading & Storage

Established in 1977, it has a production capacity of 350 ton / day and 5,000 ton storage capacity. It is located in North Iraq.

Al-Rafidain Co. is considered one of the largest flour mills in Iraq, it was established in 1942. Its production capacity is 350 ton/ day and has a storage capacity of 10,000 tons. It is located in the middle of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Since ...