Ragadan Mill


Al-Mahatta New Mill Company was founded in 1975 in the heart of Amman, Al-Mahatta area, as a subsidiary of Al-Hazaa Investment Group. The mill was renovated and developed by providing it with advanced equipment from Buhler Company of Switzerland and with qualified technicians and staff. This helped make the company's products among the best in the local and foreign markets, especially in view of its production capacity that reaches 500 tonnes a day. In addition, the company has warehouses with a storage capacity of 3,000 tonnes and wheat siloes with a storage capacity of 10,000 tonnes. Al-Mahatta New Mill Company frequently upgrades its machines in order to keep up with the developments in milling technology and to produce high-quality products.

Our Products:

All-purpose flour: Used for making all types of bread in automatic and traditional bakeries. The ash percentage in this type varies between 0.65% and 0.7%.

Zero flour: This is used for baking high-quality pastries, pizza, burger buns, and other kinds of bread. The ash percentage in this type ranges between 0.5% and 0.55%.

Zahrah flour: Used for preparing all types of high-quality cakes and sweets. The ash percentage in this type varies between 0.25% and 0.35%.

Coarse and fine semolina.

Fine bran: Used for making high-fiber bread.

Bran: Used as animal feed.


Al-Mahatta New Mill Company has a large share of the local market, and to distribute its products in Amman and other governorates, it owns and runs a fleet of trucks and a large number of local distributors. In addition, the company established a specialized section to follow up the exportation of high-quality flour to neighbouring countries.

The company stands out from other competitors by its utilization of an extended milling system, which makes products softer and allows them to absorb more water during the kneading process. The company is also distinguished by its location which helps reduce transportation expenses, especially to bakeries located inside Amman.


Raghadan Mill flour
Raghadan Mills Flour - Zero Flour
Raghadan flour
Raghadan Mills Flour - Zahra Flour
Radhadan Mill flour
Raghadan Mills Flour - General Flour