Crown Mill - The Sky is the Limit.


A new modern and sophisticated production line has been deployed and activated to operate, with a production capacity of 320 tons / day. With this new production line, the total production capacity of the Crown Mill has been raised to 640 tons / day. 

Crown Mill has also acquired a piece of land next to the current mill, to establish a new mill under the umbrella of Al-Hazza Group. The new mill is set to be an extension of Crown Mill, with three modern and fully equipped production lines from the Swiss company, Buhler, with daily capacity of 960 tons / day and storage capacity of 60,000 tons. And thus set a total production capacity to the Crown Mill of a total of 1600 tons / day and storage capacity of 100,000 tons.
With this extension, Crown Mill will be the Egypt's largest flour mills, the most sophisticated, advanced and distinctive quality.